Project Plan 2: Aims, Objectives and Final Outputs of the project

Please note draft status: feedback welcome as comments – final  version liable to change

Aim: To provide guidance on the current technical landscape that will enable individual author(s) to envision and publish their monograph to multiple “eBook” devices with the simple single click of a button.


● To provide guidance and a signpost to the sector on how the usability, business models and technical implications of digital monographs relate to one another (WP1)

● To provide a technical landscape paper with exemplar case studies on how JISC can best technically support the University sector in supporting Academic authors to publish their manuscripts formatted for digital devices (WP2)

● To provide a technical demonstrator for how authors can utilise their wordprocessing environments to visualise and publish their digital monographs online and to multiple devices (WP3)

● To provide an author viewpoint of how authorship should potentially change given these new devices and how readers will encounter their overall reading experience on these devices (WP4)


Each workpackage will deliver a tangible product (as well as commentary on the intangible products) produced during the course of the project, these products include:

● A webpage that will provide a single signpost (table of contents) to the various landscape exemplars, guidance and technical exemplars produced as part of the project that will be oriented towards a stakeholder audiences within the UK HE & FE sector.

● A Landscape study including exemplar case studies and recommendation for how the sector could enhance the technical ability to publish digital monographs to a multitude of devices.

● Two technical exemplars demonstrating how both traditional wordprocessing tools (e.g. Microsoft Word) and nontraditional wordprocessing tools (e.g. Blogs or GoogleDocs) could be technically enhance to enable ease in one click digital monograph publishing.

● A blog of reflections by an author on the above outputs and products and how they are applicable to various authoring groups (subjects areas) and demographics (new academic, retired academics, etc).

● A series of Wikipedia pages updated on the technical specifications of various digital devices and how they can be used for digital monographs, along with footnotes and references to the products produced from the project.

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