Project Plan 5b: Revised budget

Project plan 5b) Revised budget – awaiting confirmation

Name of Project: Digital Monograph Technical Landscape Study #jiscPUB

Directly Incurred Staff (1st Feb – 31st July 2011)

Theo Andrew Project Manager FTE 0.2 £4343.13
Total Directly Incurred Staff (A) £4343.13
Directly Incurred Non-Staff
User Support 0
Documentation & e-content 0
Consultant: Digital Publishing Expert

Liza Daly (Threepress Consulting Inc.)

Authoring User Perspective Experts

(5*UoE Postgraduate)

Device Specifications Expert


Promotion, T&S & Conferences
ePub workshop (at Science Online London) £3500
T&S £2000
Technical and Operations: Equipment & Support
Consultant: Wordprocessing Tool Expert

Peter Sefton

Equipment: E-book device £150
Staff Development 0
Management and Administration 0
Other – pls specify (e.g. Rent, Utilities etc) 0
Total Directly Incurred Non-Staff (B) £35650
Total Directly Incurred Costs (C)
(A+B=C) £39993.13
Total Requested From JISC £39993.13
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