Workpackage 3

Plan for workpackage 3

Use cases

The three main use cases identified in the current plan, and a fourth proposed one:

  • Postgrad serializing PhD (or conference paper etc) for mobile devices
  • Retiring academic publishing their ‘best-of’ research (books)
  • Present final report as epub
  • Publish course materials as an eBook (Proposed extra use-case proposed by Sefton)


The process will be to look at the agreed set of use cases in three main ways.

Firstly to model the use of desktop tools that users might come across by themselves and evaluate their fitness for purpose for the use cases. The most obvious candidate is Calibre the free ebook tool. Secondly, to look at how an example of how the popular WordPress blogging software could be used. The research question is: would users be able to take existing documents or create new document and create useful books? If not, what is a model for an application which would be more useful? This baseline information will be fed into the design process for the final part of the project.

Finally, we will research and experimental development into applications software to create ePub books using a different scenario – concentrating on the use of Word Processing software – which is very widely used in the academy and creating an application to allow real-time preview of content in an online book-enviroment.


The deliverables will be:

  • A series of research reports in the form of blog posts outlining the tests undertaken and encapsulating the results, defining a model for eBook publishing in the academy, as well as pointing out issues that need to be addressed in future more substantial investigations.
  • Working demonstrator sites.
  • Demonstration files and outcomes, presented as a data set that can be used for further investigation and a benchmark for future projects.


While we will generate ePub books and do simple testing, we expect to pass on our results to others on the project for testing with mobile devices as appropriate.

Task breakdown

Task Deliverables
1 Explore Calibre (and any other likely candidate software) to establish what is possible with off the shelf tools. Blog posts:

  1. Explain process and results show results
  2. discuss issues for landscape study
  3. Use any identified shortcoming in as input to (3)
2 Explore the use of WordPress (including JISCPress)

Using the Anthologize plugin (out of the box)

Using other other ePub plugins such as that developed by Martin Fenner

Consider how the original materials in the use cases might be handled in this environment

Blog posts:

  1. Explain process and evaluate plugins
  2. Explore issues with WP as a platform
  3. WordPress running on a demo machine at ADFI with a demonstrator
  4. Use the demonstrator to make final report available in ePub
3 Build a demonstrator using DropBox + The Fascinator & ICE.

Demonstrate the difference between converting ad hoc word processing content and structured content created using a template.

Explore the benefits of using tools like DropBox

Show content at different screen sizes to give Authors a sense of What You See is What I Mean publishing (WYSIWIM), rather than What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Running public demonstrator which allows:

  1. Users to put files in DropBox
  2. Manage those files via a web interface, dragging and dropping them into book packages
  3. Add content from an RSS feed
  4. Click to publish as ePub
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