The #jiscPUB project is intended to be a short six month landscape study looking at the issues surrounding the adoption of e-book reader technology within the academic environment to assist with the publishing of scholarly literature, in particular monographs.

Recently the marketplace has exploded with a proliferation of e-book devices and demand for content to read on them. There is currently a great opportunity for readers and authors of scholarly materials to write, publish and read their works in new ways taking advantage of the benefits that the network and new e-book reader devices will deliver.

We propose three main areas of activity:

  1. to assess the current state-of-the-art of e-book devices and file formats, and deliver those findings via blog posts – or integrated into a series of Wikipedia pages where appropriate.
  2. to create working exemplars of tools for authors to use to create and publish their works in e-book device accessible formats. We suggest that the tools should work in traditional and non-traditional wordprocessing environments (for example Microsoft/ Open Office Word and GoogleDocs or blog environment)
  3. to gain insights from an active author on the technical implications that the project discovers and to provide independent commentary and feedback on the exemplar tools that the project creates.

This blog starts with the proposed project plan serialized as a number of posts for easy access and transparency. As the project continues we’ll add more content from the team discussing progress and related findings. The final technical landscape paper will be made available in both HTML and as an ePub for distribution to digital mobile devices.